Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good. Morning,
I am writing this with, my tablet Laurel got me for Christmas. It is true the holy days are here. Time to roll out the garlands and make our homes festive and celebrate.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Am Using

Good Morning,
We went to Paducah to do some shopping for the holidays and while we were there. Stopped in a store to see if we could update our two phones; we can. Laurel to my surprise came out with a 10 inch tablet for me for Christmas.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Young Soldier - Empty and Void

He came home from the war empty and void, with no concern. He moved as hidden space, devouring Jack Daniel’s and Quaaludes. His mind was lost.
I marched out at the head of the line to help. Behind me came six others, his wife Helen, Officer Jones, Sister Mary, Father McCarty, and his parents   John and Marie. We wore the faces of gloom, tired and worn streaks were etched in our brows. When did we give up? What could we do but wait. He had sucked every ounce of humanity from our bones, we had finally given in. He was now doomed to die as he wished, empty and void without regard.
No one really cared anymore, he would fertilize the earth, and so be it.
God, we wanted to do more. How did we ever decide to give up? How could it be possible that there could exist a human without hope, lost and void of possibilities? Never in our life had we ever met such a completely void sack of bones.
We let him walk away, we were dumbfounded, and we had poured humanity into an abyss, leaving us tired and blank. We had lost to an empty shell of a man. He may still be walking somewhere absorbing goodwill from gentle creatures and walking away in his stupor of void, leaving of trail of people that wanted to help.
If the world would all perish and I would be standing untouched, I would not shed a tear.
My callus shell would just stand alone. My aura would be all I had to keep me warm.
What selfish warmth?
Such a strange world I have placed myself in? An egotistical martyr, with only a mirror to keep me warm.
There is a mind that does not understand, standing in the corner, out of the way. Looking and searching for answers. Toes turned in, in a shy poise. Waiting for someone to give them the time. There's Johnny by the chairs, broom and dust pan in hand, picking up the pieces of someone else's broken heart.


No Place to Be 

The lonely place, the place without thought. 
The closest place to death, no reality. 
Without light or ego. 
Alone without being, no bliss, near death,
 understanding nothing, white or black.
 No colors to paint or see, no depth or void. 
No awareness or imagination. 
No being to comfort or hate. 
The lonely place. 
No words to even comfort our awareness. 
Blank not even black. 
No place to be.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Prayer

Good Morning,
Our neighbor just passed away.
The kittens slept with me last night.
I feel good.
I did learn in the 1960's that "wanting" was very unhealthy sometimes. I have kept my needs on day basis. I let the money pile up as I have no use for it. The planet spins its tale of wanting what I have as they scrape a few coins away.
I cannot teach the thought, it has to brighten our day as an illumination.
I have no answer and I do write them down. In the 1960's they said Yin and Yang and Far Out. People die in agony wanting more from the planet. 
People are angry because I just sit and write. Where is the bread you should be baking? I did slave and it hurt my body so I sit and compose. The world flame just swirls around my being. I have compost and a pool, quiet and a kitten.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Greed Likes Money

If you can't get the United States to start a war then get Russia to start one. It is not Russia or the United States it is those that like to pay their investors that create conflicts. It is the investors that like high war created investments as a source of income. This has been going on for a while. 
This is all part of that lopsided state of the union the
planet has going on at the moment.

A one time our investments were steel to build bridges and stone to build roads. We did not go astray, power corrupted the wealthy and they hide their money in far away places.