Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Prayer

Good Morning,
Our neighbor just passed away.
The kittens slept with me last night.
I feel good.
I did learn in the 1960's that "wanting" was very unhealthy sometimes. I have kept my needs on day basis. I let the money pile up as I have no use for it. The planet spins its tale of wanting what I have as they scrape a few coins away.
I cannot teach the thought, it has to brighten our day as an illumination.
I have no answer and I do write them down. In the 1960's they said Yin and Yang and Far Out. People die in agony wanting more from the planet. 
People are angry because I just sit and write. Where is the bread you should be baking? I did slave and it hurt my body so I sit and compose. The world flame just swirls around my being. I have compost and a pool, quiet and a kitten.

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